• Written answer coming from chairman on Divianigate

    24th October 2013 | News | Claire
  • Mr Thurlow asked Cllr Godbeer, who is also the chairman of EDDC’s standards committee, at last night’s full council meeting, whether he approved of Cllr Diviani’s email and whether it represented the views of the council.

    Cllr Diviani had refused apologised Mr Thurlow advised, when he had tackled him about it.

    Cllr Godbeer referred the question to the leader, who said he was entitled to his opinion.

    There was much heckling from the public gallery at this point because Cllr Godbeer had neatly sidestepped the question. So he replied that he would provide a written answer to Mr Thurlow in due course.

    Following an intervention by Cllr Roger Giles, Cllr Godbeer confirmed that his reply would be copied to all councillors.

    Here’s the email that has caused all the controversy – http://www.claire-wright.org/index.php/post/paul_divianis_message_on_budgets_with_a_few_other_references/