• Woodbury residents say enough is enough.

    4th December 2014 | News | Claire
  • In what will come as no surprise to any regular reader of this blog, Woodbury is also facing pressures from inappropriate and unwanted planning applications that are damaging the character of the village.

    There must have been well over 100 residents squashed into the skittle alley this evening and possibly more than 150 people, although it was difficult to tell exactly how many were there.

    Here’s the story, from what I can gather.

    Woodbury was allocated 35 houses to 2026 under EDDC’s draft local plan.

    However, over 80 houses have already been approved.

    Now around 40 more houses in two separate planning applications are proposed.

    Of course, East Devon District Council has no up-to-date local plan, no five year housing land supply and the national planning policy framework is a developer’s charter. Everything is against them, as it is for all communities in East Devon.

    There have been a smattering of objections to the previous developments. But now people have had enough. They are angry and they want to start a campaign. 

    Parish councillors, and the two EDDC councillors were present – Ben Ingham (Ind) and David Atkins (Con). Also present was Woodbury’s Devon County Councillor, Bernard Hughes.

    Dr Margaret Hall from the Campaign to Protect Rural England, was there too and gave an introductory speech.

    I offered some of my experiences in fighting inappropriate development. Feniton was mentioned several times by residents and I was able to give a bit of hope by reporting the outcome of the triple appeal inquiry. I suggested that a campaign group be formed and pledges might be offered to fund the help of a planning consultant.  I urged them to fight. Apathy is a best friend of the developer.

    It was good to see a village active, keen and motivated to help defend its character from the ravages of over-development and I wish them lots of luck.

    Photograph:  Campaigning at Woodbury a couple of weeks ago.