• Wildlife Trusts team up with RSPB to slam yet more environmental budget cuts

    11th November 2015 | News | Claire
  • Economists at the RSPB have analysed the figures and have forecast what 30 per cent cuts[1] could mean for the environment:

    •  It’s estimated that a 30% cuts will lead to 57% real terms cuts[2] – the largest of any department so far[3].

    •  5,000+ staff redundancies meaning fewer people to, for instance, advise farmers on managing land with wildlife in mind, research and find solutions for conservation problems, and make legal commitments to cleaning up rivers, lakes and drinking water and regulate the quality of our air. 

    •  Near 80% cuts in real terms since 2009/10 to many important areas of spend including wildlife conservation, air quality and water pollution if flood risk and animal and plant disease are protected.

    •  60% of our wildlife continues to decline, while the UK Government has struggled to meet basic statutory targets for protecting our special protected areas[4].  If the government is failing to meet current objectives, how likely is it that they will keep their manifesto promises for the natural environment?

    Mike Clare continued:  “This seems to us to be a truly perverse decision. A lack of resource is already damaging the UK Government’s ability to meet basic statutory obligations. These obligations aren’t ‘nice to haves’ – a healthy natural environment underpins our prosperity. Investing in environmental protection is an essential part of any plan for a better future.”

    Harry Barton, Chief Executive of Devon Wildlife Trust condemned the proposed spending cuts: “This is deeply worrying news. A high quality rural environment is fundamental to what makes the South West a wonderful place to live and work in. We urge the Government to look at the benefits of investment in the countryside rather than just seeing it as a drain on public spending.”

    See link below for full story – http://www.devonwildlifetrust.org/…/Wildlife+Trusts+and+RS…/