• Why the Christmas full moon is even more important than you thought

    24th December 2015 | News | Claire
  • I was up at dawn in local woods on the winter solstice, on Tuesday morning (22 Dec) and given that it was already lightish I wondered if I would notice the break of dawn as it was so cloudy, but at about 8.10, the trees and vegetation changed from monochrome to colour. And suddenly everything looked dark green and sort of russet coloured.

    I can’t pretend to enjoy the run up to Christmas, it all feels a bit empty, as though we have created this social construct that we are all imprisoned by – and so we behave like automatons. I find it all rather tedious and I really dislike hearing Christmas songs or seeing decorations before the beginning of December. In fact I don’t think I feel Christmassy until the last week before the event itself.

    But now I am finally ready – with just the food to prepare (and the wrapping), I find it quite relaxing. Six to dinner this year so nice and manageable. I found 11 a couple of years ago a bit of a struggle.

    My nan was definitely not impressed with the timing of serving! Roast dinners are not easy to do in bulk without hotplates etc.

    Now my daughter is 12 and is a baking enthusiast she makes the mince pies and sausage rolls. Her pastry is excellent!

    Not doing a trifle this year, which I normally eat masses of and regret it later. It also tends to tip sideways in its bowl and look completely rubbish, once it has been half eaten. No idea how to make it sit still, even my mother who could probably rival Mary Berry in the kitchen – is baffled. Anyway, I decided on a very unseasonal summer pudding for Christmas tea. It is simple to make and at least there is some fruit in it!

    Also, I am not cooking turkey, too many years of jamming it in the oven at 5am and it taking up far too much space – and actually, we don’t even like it that much. This year we are going for chicken. Very boring, but at least easy and quick!

    Right better start preparing the sprouts, pudding and sauces etc!
    Hope you all have a lovely Christmas and an excellent 2016.

    Thank you for all your comments over the last year or so, keep em coming!
    Claire xxx

    Here’s the link to the moon story …. http://www.refinery29.uk/2015/12/100071/christmas-full-moon-spiritual-significance