• Who is (still) trying to hack into my website?

    23rd January 2021 | News | Claire
  • While I was experiencing email problems yesterday morning he had a call from the data centre who look after his server.
    They informed him that one website (mine) was being “bombarded” and that they would have to suspend it or it would bring down all 733 websites.
    Apparently the attacker was simulating thousands of hits to my website in order to take it offline. It worked. For a while.
    My email and website were down until yesterday evening when both were restored.
    The hacker used what is called a ‘virtual private network’ which means that the IP address is untraceable.
    I never get spam on my website, but I had a spam comment (IP address California) on latest controversial blog demanding answers from Mr Jupp.
    This came through last night when my website was restored.
    But the hacker(s) have not given up. They have been at work this morning repeatedly attempting to gain access via my username and password.
    My website host tells me that he has had a server for 15 years. It has been hacked just four times and two of those have been attempts on my website – the last one in the run up to the 2019 election.
    Heavy duty security has now been installed.