• Whatever happens tomorrow, I have loved this campaign - and thank you so much ….

    6th May 2015 | News | Claire
  • To all the 250 people who have leafleted for me over the year, thank you so much too. I could never have communicated with the huge number of people living in 53,000 houses, without you.

    To all the people who have displayed a poster, whether small or large, thank you, you have helped raise my profile.

    And to all the people who collectively donated £13,000 through my website and via post – thank you too, without your help, we could not have printed so many leaflets, organised posters and paid for all my meeting rooms hire.

    The past year’s campaign has been a wonderful life affirming experience, I have met some fantastic people and have been totally overwhelmed at the amazing support for what I am doing. The team spirit has been remarkable and unifying.

    I would soooo love to be East Devon’s MP and I know that I could do so much good if I was elected.

    However, whatever happens tomorrow, I know that me and my team (who have worked so fantastically hard) could not have done any more than we have – and this journey will lead me somewhere else where I can change the world in my own small way that I like to do.

    Thank you all so much. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
    Just a note to wish you good luck tomorrow.

    We need more people like yourself in parliament. Honest , sincere and wholly committed to making positive changes for your electorate . Also, it is so refreshing to hear you answer a straight question with a straight answer.

    We will be backing you no matter the outcome of this election.
    The very best of luck Claire. Sock it to ‘em! We’ll be staying up watching!!
    I am full of admiration for your campaign, we will both be voting for you tomorrow. Good luck !
    I just wanted to wish you well claire , l dont know you personally but l follow you and greatly admire your commitment to our now beautiful east devon , l was born in sidmouth l am now in my sixties and we really need to protect this lovely place …………. I hope you will be our mp good luck , l have already voted by postal vote and my cross was next to your name.
    Thank you Claire. We support you – good luck tomorrow – we could do with a change!
    I wish you well . I will be voting for you. You have done brilliantly and whatever the result you should feel tremendously proud of yourself.
    I just wanted to wish you the very best of luck for tomorrow. I really hope that when I wake up on Friday morning I hear that your our new MP! Its about time that things start to get sorted out!