• West Hill’s play park IS OFFICIALLY OPEN!

    7th April 2011 | News | Claire
  • The children waited patiently behind a rope at the park’s entrance until West Hill’s county councillor, Roger Giles led a very noisy countdown from 10 before the rope was dropped and they took off – very fast!

    Within seconds around 40 children were swarming all over the treehouse, leaping onto swings and running up and down the little hills.  Toddlers were exploring the willow dens and rolling down the hillocks.

    After two years of meetings, laborious form filling, poring over contracts, leases and lobbying, it was a very special moment for me.  The sight of all the happy excited children was incredibly rewarding and I can see already that the park will bring three generations closer together as the park becomes a regular meeting place.

    My seven year old was refusing to come home after over an hour of chasing her friends around.  A possible future problem I mused.  But also, I considered cunningly, I now have a very effective new bribe!