• West Hill’s Conservative Party clearly “doesn’t get” satire

    29th November 2014 | News | Claire
  • It was a satirical letter supportive of my parliamentary campaign that appeared as an article in the Express & Echo this week – and in the Ottery/Sidmouth Herald, penned by Sidmouth resident, Robert Crick

    It carried some adroit criticisms of Mr Swire, and if you read the letter carefully, it is actually rather amusing.  It ends with the phrase:  “The filly must be stopped!”  Not every day parlance these days, you might think.

    But it must have appealed to the West Hill Conservative Party branch, however, as it was posted up yesterday, with the caption:  “An independent expression of realism?”

    Also pinned to the notice board was an announcement which stated:  “Cllr Claire Wright Blog (sic) has today been reported to the authorities for allowing the publishing of an offensive and threatening comment towards the Conservative Party councilors (sic) of East Devon District Council.”