• West Hill Residents Association needs you!

    21st October 2013 | News | Claire
  • I was really surprised because I think that in the past couple of years the association has achieved a huge amount and is doing a brilliant job in all sorts of ways.

    It is proactive, responsive to concerns and has produced some extremely high quality pieces of work, especially in responding to EDDC’s local plan and lately on its special trees of West Hill project.

    I have listed a few of the important pieces of work that WHRA has been involved with recently.

    Continued consultation on, and input to, the EDDC Local Plan
    Input on all significant new development proposals
    Community speed watch
    Applying pressure on DCC to complete the “missing link” footway this year
    Applying pressure on DCC to improve safety at the junction of West Hill Rd and the B3180
    Preparing the Village Scorecard to provide an action plan for improvement
    Initiating “Special Trees of West Hill Project”
    Supporting the Snow Warden
    New website to improve village communications

    For all those West Hill residents reading this who aren’t members of the association please do consider joining. At £5 it is as cheap as chips but the association’s value to the community is hugely significant.

    I would certainly struggle to do all the things that I do without their unfailing support and willingness to get stuck in to big projects.

    Here’s the website, please do send them a message and help them to support the village and its residents.