• West Hill Residents Assoc lobbies police commissioner

    22nd March 2013 | News | Claire
  • Dear Commissioner

    We have recently learned that the Devon and Cornwall force has decided not to enforce 20 mph limits across the two counties and that Community Speed Watch teams are not permitted to operate in these zones.

    The West Hill Residents Association campaigned to secure the 20 mph zone to protect our residents in an area where there are hardly any footways. The whole of the centre of the village is now within a 20 mph zone. The effect of the new policy is to remove speed enforcement in the most vulnerable part of the village which will now be less well policed than the remainder, a 30 mph zone.

    We would welcome your comments on this situation and urge you to review the policy. If it is simply a matter of resources, we have an active Community Speed Watch team who would welcome the opportunity to extend the number of sites from which they can operate.

    Yours sincerely

    Dick Beardsall
    Chairman, West Hill Residents Association