• West Hill launches its bid to breakaway from Ottery Town Council

    7th March 2015 | News | Claire
  • Chair, Dr Margaret Hall gave a presentation. She said that West Hill was, by far, the largest village in East Devon not to have its own council.

    Benefits were cited as including having:

    – more control over planning issues
    – more autonomy generally
    – more control of developer funding associated with planning applications

    West Hill ward councillors, Jo Talbot and Jessica Bailey are also supporting the plans and spoke in favour of them.

    Ottery St Mary Town council mayor Glyn Dobson told the meeting that if West Hill residents wanted their own parish council he would support them, but added that he was not convinced that there would be any benefits – and there would be office costs, on top of employing a part-time clerk.

    Ottery Town Council would lose around £40,000 from its precept, around one quarter of its budget, although this is not expected to have a significant impact on services.

    Several people spoke to give their view. There was a range of views, with most people at the meeting supporting the proposal, but around a dozen who indicated in the show of hands that they are opposed to the plan.

    The petition needs 250 signatures to progress further and be considered by East Devon District Council.