• West Hill gets its missing link pavement - after 20 years!

    25th February 2015 | News | Claire
  • Much of the work was done by former Devon County Councillor, Roger Giles and West Hill Residents Association long before I came on the scene, but for whatever reason, mainly either a lack of funding or difficulty with coming to an agreement with the adjacent landowners about land purchase, it was unable to be progressed.

    Until this year! 

    It has been so important because of the speed that cars travel down West Hill Road, which is particularly dangerous at school pick up and drop off times.  Many parents have expressed concerns over the speed of traffic in this part of the village.

    Devon County Council officers have been very supportive and put money aside in its highways plan for the scheme – and at the same time agreement was able to be reached with the relevant landowners on necessary purchase of land.

    Surveys took place, consultations took place and the pavement is finally installed, which feels like a great achievement, especially after how long the project has been pursued!

    In order to comply with highways safety measures, three sets of speed cushions are set to be installed, which will be discussed at next week’s highways and traffic orders committee, which will be held at The Knowle next Wednesday.

    The new pavement doesn’t link up completely with the existing pavement. There is a small gap, largely because of a magnificent beech tree, which no one wanted to fell, quite rightly in my view.

    I undertook a survey of residents views last September about the possibility of speed cushions and out of 46 people consulted, 39 were in favour of them, mainly because the traffic speeds down the hill, which is dangerous, particularly at school collection and drop off times.

    A good piece of work well done!