• West Hill children tell of road safety fears

    3rd July 2012 | News | Claire
  • Myself and West Hill’s county councillor, Roger Giles, were invited in to hear the children’s concerns, last week.

    The meeting was arranged by class 5 teacher, Mrs Harris, following a member of the class falling into a hedge along West Hill Road, due to a car driving too fast and too close to him.

    A show of hands revealed that most of the class walked to school, a few cycled and the rest were driven to school.

    One of the girls said that she had also been forced into the hedge when a car ‘whooshed’ past her and her brother, on their way to school.

    Many of the children thought that drivers were not taking any notice of the speed limit signs around the village.  There is a 20mph zone around West Hill Primary School.

    Some of the children told the class that their parents regularly parked in places they shouldn’t!

    On the subject of what might encourage drivers to slow down, I asked what a driver’s biggest fear might be.  ‘Squashing a child’ was the reply. 

    Many children favoured the idea of asking speeding drivers to come and talk to the children in the school.

    Since the meeting with class 5, West Hill Residents Association has confirmed that their Community Speedwatch initiative, where residents can monitor the speed of traffic with speed guns, is now ready for action, following training.  This is great news and will help with encouraging drivers to slow down.

    Cllr Roger Giles is working hard to try and secure funding for the missing link pavement between McColls and Ashley Brake.

    As our county councillor whose remit includes roads and pavements, Roger Giles is looking into a number of suggestions that came out of the meeting and the issue is to be debated by the school council.