• Website launches for the Otter Trail

    15th March 2013 | News | Claire
  • You will be able to see a map of the proposed routes, complete with photographs.

    Our campaign group, chaired by King’s School teacher, Jo Elliott, met last night and heard from another cycleway campaign group in Dorset, who have managed to raise a considerable amount of money and create a significant part of their cycleway.

    Our project will be slightly different because it is in Devon County Council’s strategic plan, which is promising.  The trail is on the list for being achieved some time after 2015.

    Discussions have taken place between a member of the Otter Trail campaign group and landowners along the proposed route, who remain concerned about issues such as livestock and other practicalities, but the group hopes to keep an open dialogue going.

    In the meantime it is important that we let members of the public know what is happening …  and watch this space – there is a lovely family cycling event being organised for a weekend during the summer.

    More details coming soon and also news of how to comment on the Devon cycling strategy out next month …..

    The Otter Trail website address is here – http://www.ottertrail.org/