• Website launched against plans for a massive quarry at Ottery

    11th May 2012 | News | Claire
  • Monica and Mark Mortimer, who live near Straitgate Farm, the focus of proposals for a quarry the size of 56 football pitches, have gathered a myriad of information together, including evidence, photographs, historical data and quotes.

    The pair have also included a page on how people can help or get involved in the campaign against the quarry, even though the consultation phase is now over.

    There is no evidence that a quarry at Straitgate is needed as there is enough sand and gravel elsewhere in the area to provide the aggregates need for the next 50 years.

    And huge environmental damage could be caused by quarrying at Straitgate because the land lies on top of a major acquifer, which feeds ancient woodland and other habitats.

    A decision on the quarry will be made by Devon County Council’s Development Management Committee in the autumn.

    The link to the Straitgate campaign website is below:


    Photograph:  View From Straitgate Farm over Ottery St Mary and East Hill.