• Wainhomes issues gagging clause on its Feniton purchasers

    24th November 2014 | News | Claire
  • There was about 60 residents in the room, all feeling a large sense of deja vu.

    We have all been here SO many times before.  And as you might expect of a battle weary village, the atmosphere was subdued and dignified.  People were quiet and worried. But they were also determined and anyone who spoke passionately was applauded, like Fight for Feniton’s Future, Jayne Blackmore, who told everyone that we “mustn’t let these people win.” 

    For the umpteenth time, FFF has issued a village mailshot advising people on how to object to the planning application.

    The well rehearsed arguments were all raised again. And the memory of the triple planning inquiry of 230 or so houses of earlier this year, all came back to life.

    The village is in a truly dreadful situation. It floods regularly. Volunteers work their butts off to try and reduce the likelihood of the village being flooded, often in the small hours, in the hammering rain – Jayne Blackmore and Susie Bond.

    The sewers are so unable to cope that unpleasant matter spews up into the roads and sometimes in people’s houses when it rains heavily. 

    The local medical practice – Coleridge Medical Centre – is stretched beyond full capacity. Feniton Primary School is full and is regularly turning children away.

    The rest of the schools in the learning community are also full – West Hill, Ottery and Tipton St John and The King’s School.

    Feniton Parish Council voted unanimously to oppose the planning application.

    And then someone dropped a bit of a bombshell.

    Wainhomes had issued a gagging clause to all of the people now occupying its first application of 50 houses, adjacent to Louvigny Close.  The gagging clause demanded that no resident should object to any future planning application on adjacent land, by Wainhomes!

    Cllr Susie Bond stood up to confirm that she had been contacted by a resident rather worried about this.

    Is Wainhomes the worst developer in the country?

    First it repeatedly and mercilessly targets a village that has really crippling infrastructure problems.

    Then it callously ignores a legal agreement insisting provision of flood alleviation tanks for the village, as part of their first planning application.  It took the BBC One Show, a great interview by Cllr
    Susie Bond and a threat of court action by EDDC for them to finally agree comply with the condition.

    Then it issues contracts with intimidatory clauses, to the people who buy their houses.

    Let’s just hope EDDC send them off with a hornet in their ears.  But they deserve much worse.

    Photograph:  Quiet but resolved. The people of Feniton in the face of yet more planning challenges.