• Villages and public speaking to be debated at EDDC meeting

    23rd November 2013 | News | Claire
  • This will deal with, not only the number of houses proposed for villages until 2026, but proposes specific allocations.  As soon as I have the agenda I will publish it and highlight the major issues.

    My understanding is that this document will be subject to a formal public consultation prior to being put forward to the planning inspector.

    EDDC councillors and parish/town councillors have played (or at least have had the opportunity to play) a significant role in this exercise.  I hope that I have managed to protect the villages I represent as much as possible, despite significant pressure from developers.  Certainly, I did my best to see that local people were able to lead this process.

    Of course, in places like Feniton (Cllr Susie Bond’s EDDC ward and my county council ward), which is subject to unprecedented and huge pressure, everything hinges on the pivotal public inquiry appeal in January, which starts on Tuesday 7 January and will be held in the Bowling Club in the Old Village.

    Public speaking
    Also on the development management committee agenda will be the future of public speaking at this committee, which I will await the detail of with considerable interest.

    The tory leadership has so far claimed that any new public speaking arrangements are to increase the public’s ability to have their say, but this appears to be rather a disingenuous statement because we have seen the recommendations from the standards committee on a sensible way forward already proposed to be overturned in favour of restrictions.  These will be debated at next week’s cabinet meeting on Wednesday 27 November. For more information see here – http://www.claire-wright.org/index.php/post/restrictions_imposed_on_public_questions_at_eddc/

    Any recommendations from next week’s cabinet meeting will be put before the full council meeting on Wednesday 4 December.

    The special development management committee will take place on Tuesday 17 December, starting at 2pm.