• Venn Ottery pig unit - my latest response to amended plans

    14th August 2012 | News | Claire
  • I have read the revised documents and make the following observations:

    The landscape and visual assessment makes it clear that the structures will have ‘moderate adverse impacts’ from several of the viewpoints from public places around the area.

    The report states that the definition of ‘moderate adverse impact’ means:  “Visually intrusive and would cause a noticeable deterioration in existing views, resulting in some disruption to valued views of the area.” 

    The buildings are also described as having a ‘high impact’ on the outlook from other public rights of way.

    I note that a technical report has been received relating to nitrogen levels and effects on the protected heathland and I await Natural England’s response.

    I am very surprised that an environmental impact assessment has not been carried out as there is certainly strong grounds for one.  Please see the RSPB response by Gavin Bloomfield requesting to this issue and my earlier consultation response.

    The latest set of reports do nothing to convince me that there is either a justification for the unit, nor a neutral visual impact.

    It is quite clear that even with the new landscaping proposed, the impact from surrounding public viewpoints remains significant.

    As a representative of the adjacent ward, with a number of concerned residents in touch with me, I believe that the time for a decision is now long overdue.  In the interests of fairness and reasonableness the application should now be brought forward for a refusal as a matter of urgency.

    I reserve my position until all the facts are known or in the event that this application comes to committee.

    Photograph:  The meadow proposed for a pig unit the size of three football pitches.