• Two pavements, a bin and a gate for West Hill

    15th November 2012 | News | Claire
  • Around 40 metres of the path will be built, from the western end, which currently comes to a full stop adjacent to the village hall land.

    West Hill’s county councillor, Roger Giles, has pledged £5,000 of his locality budget for the path, which Roger himself, West Hill’s community and especially West Hill Residents Association have been working to achieve for many years.  Also, well done to parent Rachel Amos, who got a petition going a few months ago, which all helped with getting Devon County Council officers to agree to schedule the work in.

    The remainder of the path – the section which links with McColls – will be more difficult to achieve, but there is more good news as there is also agreement for construction for this in the next financial year, starting April 2013.

    Well done everyone who has been involved in bringing this much-needed scheme to fruition.

    A pavement and gates at West Hill Village Hall and the play park
    A pavement running between West Hill Village Hall and the play park will also be created, as well as the installment of a set of gates at the entrance to the park.

    The work will be funded from recently approved housing development in West Hill.  (I proposed to Ottery St Mary Town Council that the scheme should be funded a few months back, which was all agreed by councillors). 

    It will hopefully provide a much safer passage for children leaving the school and entering the park.  Currently, children and parents must run a gauntlet across a busy car park, just at at time when all the cars are driving off.

    The set of gates will add security and reassurance to parents of small children.

    Many thanks go to Craig Williams from CSW Groundworks, who is kindly carrying out the work for free and charging for materials only. 

    A bin for the play park
    Those of you who remember back to when West Hill Play Park was opened last spring, may recall that the reason it wouldn’t have a bin is that it may overflow in the summer and there was a hope that the park would remain tidier if we encouraged visitors to take their litter home with them.

    But it has become apparent over the past year that this approach hasn’t worked and a bin is needed so I approached EDDC to enquire how much it would cost to buy a bin and fund collections from Sita.

    At Ottery St Mary Town Council’s meeting on 6 November I proposed that it funded the collections from Sita, which are in the region of around £200 a year.  Councillors willingly agreed.  EDDC will supply a free bin.