• Two motions for full council next week

    18th July 2013 | News | Claire
  • Cllrs Roger Giles and Ben Ingham are the authors of the motions, seconded by me and supported by other independents – Susie Bond, Trevor Cope, and Geoff Pook

    The first motion – a disaggregated approach to development – hopes, despite repeated conservative opposition, to get agreement for this simple policy which has been an informal policy of the council for many years in any case, to be adopted. Mine and Roger’s conversations with independent planning experts, has advised that enshrining this policy into the local plan could help protect the area of East Devon, from Cranbrook eastwards and southwards:

    “The Council acknowledges the requirement to provide a Local Plan that provides the appropriate level of homes and employment up to 2026, having consulted local people, organisations, and town and parish councils, and having considered need and constraints. The emerging Local Plan strategy, reflected in Council policies that proved very effective over a long period, effectively split East Devon into two parts with higher levels of development proposed for the west end, and lower rates of development for the rest of East Devon. This Council therefore formally endorses this disaggregation approach, and agrees to ask the Inspector for the East Devon Local Plan Examination in Public to consider including in the Local Plan a policy for splitting the overall housing need into separate policy areas.”Proposed by Councillor Roger Giles, Seconded by Councillor Claire Wright and supported by Councillors Ben Ingham, Susie Bond and Trevor Cope.

    The second motion, by Cllr Ben Ingham, relates to staffing levels. It states: “This Council supports the motion to return staffing levels at EDDC to the same as they were in November 2011. This must be done before April 2014, with the intention of saving in excess of an additional £500,000 per annum.” Proposed by Councillor Ben Ingham, Seconded by Councillor Claire Wright and supported by Councillors Roger Giles, Susie Bond and Geoff Pook.

    The agenda for the meeting, which starts at 6.30pm on Wednesday (24 July) is here – http://www.eastdevon.gov.uk/council_agenda_240712_-_combined_pdf.pdf