• Two more major planning applications submitted for Feniton

    4th December 2012 | News | Claire
  • The applications, which will go ‘live’ tomorrow, are for 120 houses and 59 houses respectively, on land next to Ottery Road, opposite Grey Gables.

    The applicants, Strategic Land Partnerships (SLP), are asking residents, councillors and East Devon District Council’s planning department, to choose between the two applications.  The justification being used by the developers is the Wainhomes appeal decision, the national planning policy framework, EDDC’s out-of-date Local Plan and the government’s policy on ‘growth.’

    Last December, an application by SLP for 120 dwellings on the same piece of land was rejected by councillors on EDDC’s development management committee, on the basis it was outside the built-up area boundary, therefore contrary to the adopted Local Plan.  Also that Feniton is allocated 35 houses in EDDC’s Local Plan until 2026..

    Last week, an application for 32 houses on the other side of the village was rejected by EDDC’s development management committee, despite strong support from ward member, Cllr Graham Brown, who informed the meeting that Wainhomes was going to be submitting a further major application on their land at Louvigny Close.

    The land at Ottery Road is half in my ward and half in Cllr Graham Brown’s ward.

    In September, an appeal for 50 houses in the village, was allowed by a planning inspector, despite a host of valid reasons why the application should not be approved, such as flooding, a strong objection from South West Water over sewage capacity problems and the primary school being unable to cope with more pupils.  Wainhomes has said in national media that it intends to start building work imminently, on land next to Louvigny Close.

    Feniton residents are battered, exhausted and thoroughly fed up with flooding, major planning applications and developers who wrongly claim that their scheme can solve the flooding problem. 

    I cannot think of a more crass or cynical move by a developer, than to submit an application at a time when people are vulnerable, low, and still dealing with the aftermath of awful flooding of just over a week ago.

    The 21 day consultation period starts tomorrow and ends on ….. Boxing Day.  This means that the parish council and residents effectively have two weeks to read a ream of documentation and submit their comments … while trying to sort out their flooding problems and prepare for Christmas. 

    Other towns and villages deemed ‘sustainable’ that have railway stations, are virtually untouched by development proposals.  Just what is the developer’s obsession with Feniton?