• Two mature oaks felled today and two more at risk in West Hill

    4th March 2013 | News | Claire
  • The important trees, which are part of leafy Elsdon Lane, are around 25m high and are probably hundreds of years old.

    The trees do not appear to be protected by tree preservation orders, unfortunately.  They are however, a lovely feature of Elsdon Lane and of all our indigenous trees, probably support the most wildlife.

    I visited the property and spoke to the tree surgeons this afternoon, who were from Sid Valley Trees.  They agreed it was a shame to fell perfectly healthy mature oak trees, but said they were just doing their job.

    Several other properties in the lane have been redeveloped from small bungalows to large houses in recent years.

    This particular property was sold just two weeks ago. 

    Even when important trees such as mature oaks are not protected by tree preservation orders, it is usual practice for EDDC’s tree officers do all they can to protect important trees and root systems as much as possible, during the application process for a new dwelling, for example.

    Most developers and tree surgeons are happy to work with EDDC tree officers.

    But some developers prefer to cut trees down first to avoid any proposed new dwelling/s being curtailed in size or numbers.

    I have contacted the EDDC tree officers to see if there is any way of saving the remaining trees. 

    It is sickening that apparently healthy mature oaks, probably hundreds of years old, are being callously felled in this way.

    Photograph:  The three remaining oaks at Cornercroft, Elsdon Lane, this afternoon.  A fresh stump can be seen in the foreground of one of the oaks felled today.