• Two major Feniton applications set for approval

    21st March 2013 | News | Claire
  • The agenda is published with the applications listed, despite repeated pleas from Feniton Parish Council, myself, Cllr Roger Giles and campaign group, Fight for Feniton’s Future.

    Feniton’s MP, Neil Parish, also wrote to EDDC’s chief executive, Mark Williams late yesterday, following a letter sent by the above people, to Eric Pickles, secretary of state for communities and local government (DCLG).

    Earlier, Mr Williams, indicated that EDDC was in discussions with the DCLG about the issue.  The publication of the agenda with the Feniton applications listed, would appear to imply that discussions with the DCLG are over and the decision has been taken to go ahead regardless. 

    One application listed is for 59 houses on Camp Field, a lovely rural backdrop to the village.  Another application for 120 dwellings by the same developer has been suspended until the outcome of the decision on 59 dwellings are known.  Camp Field is very large indeed.  If 59 dwellings are approved, I think we can assume that the developer would be back for more at a later date.

    The other application recommended for approval on 2 April, is for land north of Acland Park, this time for 32 dwellings.

    A further application for 83 dwellings on land next to Green Lane is set to go live for consultation next week.

    On the assumption the planning applications will be determined on Tuesday 2 April, 2pm, the decision will be taken by councillors.  The fear is that because of the National Planning Policy Framework policies on ‘growth’, that the applications will be approved. 

    It will be down to residents and councillors to fight Feniton’s corner.  And we will. Many many people need to attend the meeting and give their view.  They will get three minutes each.

    The link to the agenda and reports are here – http://www.eastdevon.gov.uk/combined_dmc_agenda_020413.pdf – see page 161.

    Photograph:  Camp Field, Feniton.