• Topsham residents up in arms about threat to merge with Exeter

    10th April 2015 | News | Claire
  • I was invited by the community spirited Jack Russell (to my left in first pic) who organised tonight’s meeting and invited me, as well as other parliamentary candidates along.

    Around 200 residents came out to voice their concern and there was what appeared to be unanimous support to fight the threatened planning appeal for houses and a care home, by Waddeton Park.

    There is huge concern about it, especially with over 1000 houses that are set to be built in the near area anyway, which will make the road into Exeter a virtual gridlock.

    Unfortunately, thanks to the National Planning Policy Framework, developers are laughing all the way to the bank – and it is thanks to this document that Topsham is so at risk of joining to Exeter.
    Communities can see off inappropriate development like this if they work together in the right way. But the NPPF must be amended urgently before it causes irreversible damage to our countryside and our communities.

    This is a key election pledge of mine.

    Pic from left to right.  Ward councillor – Margaret Baldwin, town trader and community activist, Liz Hodges, Topsham Society’s Jeremy Rawlings, me, Jack Russell.