• Tonight’s show will go on without me

    11th February 2015 | News | Claire
  • But I have been forced back to bed because I am feeling too weak and shaky to stand up for more than a few minutes, let alone address a roomful of people at a campaign meeting.

    I am so sorry, I was so looking forward to this evening – my first public meeting too. I am SO disappointed I can’t be there.

    Instead, thanks to the efforts of my totally brilliant campaign team, a video will be broadcast of my launch event at Exmouth a couple of weeks ago and any questions will be relayed onto me.

    There will be another meeting in Sidmouth in a few weeks – and a whole series more to come. Dates to be posted asap.

    I will be at Exmouth on Tuesday evening (17 February), 7pm, at Franklin’s Bar and Restaurant on The Strand.