• Tomorrow please vote. But please think very carefully if you’re tempted to vote for the Brexit Party

    22nd May 2019 | News | Claire
  • As an Independent councillor and parliamentary candidate it is not my place to advise you how to vote tomorrow. I know how I am going to vote and as usual I will keep that information to myself.

    My main message is in line with most political commentators. Please do get out and vote!

    However, I am deeply concerned about one party in particular. A party that has no manifesto, but that has one clear message, which is carefully promoted by its well oiled, extraordinarily well funded PR machine, but in my opinion is rotten to the core.

    No prizes for guessing I am talking about Mr Farage’s Trumpesque new project. The Brexit Party.

    Why am I concerned about Mr Farage’s Brexit Party?

    Well for a start, I have a deep distrust of the man himself.

    A man who professes not to be a racist, yet has campaigned alongside deeply misleading xenophobic slogans in the past and is an expert in whipping up anger and loathing.

    A man who admires the way Putin operates, doesn’t care a jot about the perilous plight of our planet, climate breakdown and doesn’t believe in the NHS.

    A man who claims the EU is undemocratic and run by unelected officials yet repeatedly takes part in the democratic four yearly EU elections, and is an elected MEP himself.

    A man who is currently under investigation by the EU for not declaring unearned income from Arron Banks, who himself is under investigation by the National Crime Agency for his handling of his pro Brexit campaign’s finances, during the 2016 EU Referendum.

    Farage is a man who left UKIP, apparently due to the involvement of far right thug, Tommy Robinson, yet aligns himself with someone who can only be described as a dangerous fascist – former Trump aid, Steve Bannon, who has been busy bankrolling the far right across Europe ahead of tomorrow’s elections, as he attempts to shift the political zeitgeist to the extreme right, in line with his own (and his former’s boss’s) ultra conservative views.

    A man who when he is quite rightly investigated by the EU for not declaring hundreds of thousands of pounds of income from Arron Banks, aggressively smears the organisation for carrying out its responsibility, in such circumstances.

    A man, who, when he is called to account for his actions, simply attacks those who seek to challenge him – even banning media outlets from attending his events (Channel 4 News).

    A man who refuses to rule out his party creating links with far right parties across Europe.

    A man whose most active Twitter followers appear to be Russian bots that are tweeting pro Farage propaganda approximately every three to four minutes. Other parties Twitter accounts are not displaying any similar behaviour.

    I might add at this point that the Conservative Party has rather pathetically gone to ground during this election and also doesn’t have a manifesto. Ministers appear to be hoping that it will all go away, perhaps along with their prime minister, whose colleagues seem set to oust her this week,if they can possibly do so.

    But with Farage storming ahead in the polls and the Tories trailing behind on just seven per cent, it is clear that Farage is gobbling up almost all the leave vote.

    People reading this blog will either be nodding their heads in emphatic agreement, or they will be emphatically disagreeing with me.

    Whichever it is, I implore anyone tempted to vote for this conman to just spend a few minutes googling reliable media sources about Nigel Farage.

    That’s all I ask.