• Tipton St John Weir in full flow once again

    29th October 2014 | News | Claire
  • Over the months the flow over the weir seemed to dry up almost totally, leaving just a trickle of water cascading down the rocks.

    I contacted the Environment Agency a few weeks ago and they investigated. They found that it was due to hydro-electric power facility downstream, which was taking more water than it should have been.

    The EA explained that during construction of the fish pass, flows and levels were carefully calculated to ensure that there would always be a steady flow over the weir face (in addition to the flow in the fish pass).

    EA officers wrote to the landowner who adjusted the flows in the hydro-electric power facility and the latest picture shows the flows are back to normal, which is excellent news!  The EA has also asked the landowner to get the device recalibrated which will ensure that the water flow over the weir remains at the current level.

    BEFORE:  Tipton Weir this summer. See next blog for AFTER shot.