• Tipton St John School floods again, as Devon County Council advises against travel

    30th December 2015 | News | Claire
  • As the Devon County Councillor for Tipton St John I think it is absolutely disgraceful that earlier this year, the government rejected an application by the school for funding for a new build.

    The school site is vulnerable to flooding and has been very many times, including in 2008 when the school had to be evacuated for six months while repair work was carried out. 

    The extreme weather that we are seeing now in Cumbria and Yorkshire should not be regarded as a one in a 100 year event as we keep being told, but a consequence of climate change. It really is about time that the government accepted that climate change is a fact and started to tackle these issues.

    Tipton St John School is in need of urgent attention – and I very much hope that in any future round of funding applications, it will be successful.

    Devon County Council has this afternoon, issued a warning for people not to travel unless they absolutely have to, to avoid getting stuck in floodwater.

    See press release for details – https://www.devonnewscentre.info/residents-urged-to-stay-safe-and-remain-vigilant-during-the-stormy-weather/

    Photograph by Paul Taylor.