• Tipton St John planning appeal for 19 houses - dismissed

    29th April 2014 | News | Claire
  • In a decision published yesterday (Monday) John Wilde, planning inspector concluded that the location, on land between Otter Close and Mallocks Close, was not a sustainable location due to a lack of community facilities, such as a secondary school and range of shops.

    Also listed as a reason for dismissing the appeal, which was lodged by Devonshire Homes, in a series of planning applications dating back to 2011, was an infrequent bus service.

    Mr Wilde states:  “I have found that the proposed development would be in an unsustainable location in transport terms, and on balance, I am not persuaded that this is outweighed by the social and economic benefits that it would produce.”

    Importantly, Mr Wilde finds that the adopted (out of date) local plan policies still carry weight. He says:  “Furthermore I have found that the LP (local plan) policies still carry considerable weight and consequently the conflict with these policies is the overriding factor in this decision.”

    Under EDDC’s draft local plan, which currently runs until 2026, Tipton St John is allocated 10 houses. The village has already received a planning consent for 15 on a hill in an area of outstanding natural beauty, however.

    Overall, the decision is strong and I am very pleased with it. Lets hope that’s an end to developer interest in this field, in this plan period at least!

    Photograph:  The access into the field between Mallocks Close and Otter Close. Despite it looking very hazardous, under the National Planning Policy Framework, an objection from the highways authority could not be justified.