• Tipton St John gets superfast broadband!

    4th September 2015 | News | Claire
  • After a long and patient wait, most of Tipton St John gets superfast broadband!

    Hugo made a comparison between the “old and new one” (he meant green BT cabinets) Cllr Andrew Leadbetter jokingly suggested he was referring to the most recent election. I replied that I had thought Hugo was talking about the next election.

    Someone quickly changed the subject.

    I pounced on Hugo after the photo and asked him about the Government’s ridiculous crippling of the renewable energy industry with its huge job losses – and EDF’s delay in getting its latest nuclear reactor finished.

    We had a relatively circuitous conversation, where we didn’t agree on very much. The need for government budgets to be slashed further was mentioned…. But he did say he was “concerned” about it and would write to me and the detail needed to be looked at….

    We will see!

    Congratulations to Tipton residents!

    Left to right: Paul from BT, Hugo Swire, Cllr Andrew Leadbetter, me, Ottery mayor – Glyn Dobson, Cllr Lyn Harding