• Tipton riverbank erodes with major storms over the weekend

    11th July 2012 | News | Claire
  • I attended a meeting with EDDC engineers, Keith Steel and Chris Brookbank, Cllr John Harding, and the contractors carrying out work to stabilise the riverbank at Metcombe Vale this morning.

    The work started a few weeks ago and almost half way through. 

    But the dramatic and heavy rainfall that took place on Friday and Saturday has caused the bank to erode by around one metre and has washed important topsoil away.

    Shingle from the river now lies all over adjacent field next to the river.

    The work is funded by East Devon District Council and is to protect its properties at Metcombe Vale, which would be at serious risk of flooding, if the river was left to its own devices.

    The contractors now have to clear up the mess and decide how to address the loss of topsoil, which would have been used to help shore up the bank.

    It is expected the work will be delayed by a few days, probably being finished by the end of August.  The cost of the work is likely to increase, however, as contractors will now need to buy in more material.