• Tipton riverbank to be shored up

    30th March 2012 | News | Claire
  • The work, which is funded by East Devon District Council, is to prevent further erosion of the riverbank, would ultimately flood the council-owned properties at Tipton Vale.

    I attended a site meeting last month with East Devon District Council officers Chris Brookbank and Keith Steel, engineering consultant, Alan White, Cllr John Harding, and the landowner, John Carter, last month.  It was a very interesting hour spent learning more about the initiative and the consequences of continuing erosion, should the river be left to its own devices.

    Large rocks and trees will be used to continue the existing ‘rock armouring’ behind Sexton’s Cottage. 

    The aim with the new structures will be to blend them in with nature as much as possible, using trees and vegetation.

    Regretfully, the car park at Tipton Vale will be out of action during this time, as it will be used for heavy plant. 

    The bank is currently being netted to prevent birds (mainly the lovely little sandmartins) from nesting in the area earmarked for works.