• Tipton playing fields receive spray-on dog fouling warning

    13th August 2013 | News | Claire
  • I met with EDDC’s dog warden and an environmental health officer at the playing fields this morning, following complaints I have received from members of the public.

    Children from Tipton St John Primary School have also raised the issue with me.

    The warm summer weather may have encouraged more trips to the area, which is a really lovely place, and with more visits there seems to have been increase in mess not being cleared up and bags left hanging in branches.

    There is already a dog bin at the exit to the fields and a poster is displayed on the gate.

    The law states that people must pick up after their dogs or face a fixed penalty notice, either for leaving bags or for not picking up the mess itself.

    Amanda, EDDC’s dog warden, used EDDC’s new “pick it up” red spray stencil at the end of the path before it reaches the field. She also removed dog mess from the play park, which dogs are not permitted to enter.

    It is a temporary measure for what is hopefully a temporary problem.  The vast majority of people are clearly picking up after their dogs, given the numbers of dog walkers I see in the field, whenever I visit.

    The spray will wash off in a few weeks, depending on the amount of rain that falls.

    Dog mess is not just horrible, it is also dangerous as it can carry toxocariasis – here’s some more information from the Keep Britain Tidy campaign –

    Photograph:  Myself and Amanda, EDDC’s dog warden, next to the spray-on warning at Tipton playing fields this morning.