• Four puzzling questions for the East Devon Tories

    13th March 2013 | News | Claire
  • 1. Why is it, when ex-cllr Brown resigned in disgrace with ex cllr Stuart (the current vice-chair of EDBF) over a planning scandal in 1990, where the local government ombudsman found Mr Stuart guilty of serious maladministration on a number of charges…… has the East Devon Conservative party continued (over 23 years) to re-select Mr Brown as a conservative candidate?

    2. Why is it, when ex-cllr Brown was a self-confessed planning consultant, with the history he patently had, was he allowed to chair the local development framework panel in 2009 and 2010?

    3. Why is it. given ex-cllr Brown’s planning consultancy and history, was he allowed to take the lead on the East Devon Business Forum employment land task and finish forum in 2007, which resulted in vast quantities more industrial land than was advised by EDDC’s independent consultants.

    4.  Why were residents of East Devon who expressed concerns about EDBF and ex-cllr Brown’s influence on the planning process, insulted, belittled and told they were peddling nothing more than innuendo, time and time again, by many East Devon conservative councillors?

    There are many more questions for the East Devon conservative group to answer, but I will settle for answers to those for now.