• Three major housing appeals launch at Feniton

    30th May 2013 | News | Claire
  • Strategic Land Partnerships applications to build 120 dwellings and 56 dwellings on the same piece of land, next to Ottery Road, have been registered.

    And so has an application for 32 houses behind Acland Park.

    Two applications were rejected by councillors sitting on EDDC’s development management committee, last month, with the proposal for 120 dwellings being rejected by planning officers.

    An application for a further 83 houses by Wainhomes on land next to Louvigny Close and Green Lane, is expected to come forward for a decision in the next few weeks. 

    50 houses were allowed on appeal by a planning inspector last September, under new rules in the national planning policy framework, relating to a supply of land for housing, which now overrides just about every other consideration.

    Feniton has been allocated 35 houses in EDDC’s Local Plan until 2026, but appears to be under siege from developers.

    Residents from Feniton and further afield demonstrate against overdevelopment of Feniton and East Devon and the national planning policy framework, in March.