• Thorny subject of lobbying up for debate at standards committee on Tuesday

    5th April 2014 | News | Claire
  • “Openness and transparency in the planning process is vital. This Council therefore agrees to include an item on the agenda of all Development Management Committee and Planning Inspections Committee meetings, requiring Members of those committees to declare if and who they have been lobbied by, about items on the agenda.”

    The agenda advises councillors that there was not sufficient time to prepare a report on the subject, however a report will be presented to the June standards committee.

    It is suggested that councillors “use this opportunity to give their views on what should be included in the report.”

    The standards committee meeting starts at 9.30am and will be held on Tuesday (8 April).

    The link to the agenda is here – http://www.eastdevon.gov.uk/combined_standards_agenda_080414.pdf