• The warmth of ‘Messy Church’

    1st February 2012 | News | Claire
  • My eight year old was three steps ahead of me all the way she was so keen to get there!  And when we arrived there were around a dozen children deposited at various tables all busy making things.

    There were word searches, arts and crafts and colouring and my daughter flew to the nearest table and picked up a crayon.  My two year old nephew also opted for colouring before he spotted the box of dinosaurs which he made a beeline for and spent the next half an hour swooping pteradactyls and roaring the tyrannasauros rexes.  I then helped him make a VERY glittery (at least an inch of glitter was applied) snowflake.  I was very happy to get a hot cup of tea and chatted non-stop to a range of people for the next hour. 

    The children and parents then filed into the church and sang some songs, before hearing an amusing story from minister, Mac Dick, who operated a whispering bear.

    Then it was time for tea.  When we returned to the Narthex the room had been magically tidied and a fab spread of sandwiches, cakes and nibbles was laid out.  There were more cups of tea for parents and juice for the children.

    While we were muching tea and home-made cake, photographs of the previous two hours were displayed as a rolling slide show on a projector screen.  My nephew was particularly excited to see himself ‘on the television’ as he put it, playing dinosaurs with his aunty Claire, who could be seen ducking the pterodactyl wings to avoid getting her eyes poked out!  My daughter has just told me her favourite things about Messy Church was making a snowflake and the tea.

    It was a really lovely afternoon but what was more obvious than anything else was the kindness and warmth which pervaded the room. All the children seemed to thoroughly enjoy themselves and I congatulate Mac and Jan Dick, as well as John and Ann Pangbourne and all the helpers and cake-bakers, for a fabulous event.  I am sure it took a lot of preparation and hard work but I suspect it will pay off.

    The next Messy Church is on Saturday 18 February, starting at 3.30pm.  We will be there!