• EDDC’s local plan:  The final frontier

    10th February 2014 | News | Claire
  • …  written a comprehensive minority report to the planning inspector, objected to and spoken against copious planning applications submitted as result of a lack of a local plan ……
    …. and I have to say I am very glad we are (hopefully) coming to the end of the process.  I hope.  It is not certain of course, how the planning inspector will view the local plan.

    The developers are arguing for more development.  Residents and campaign groups are arguing for less.

    One stalwart champion of the process, who has undertaken a tremendous amount of work is Dr Margaret Hall of the Campaign to Protect Rural England. She has put together a formidable case against the level of housing proposed.  And she will also be taking part in the inquiry.

    I will be speaking on the housing element (this Wednesday), and the employment land session (this Thursday) and some of the environmental policies (this Friday).

    The press release from EDDC issued today, is below………………………………..

    Government Inspector Anthony Thickett starts his 19-day hearing sessions of the public examination of the Draft Local Plan 2006-26 submitted by East Devon District Council on Tuesday, 11 February.

    Full details of the programme, showing the dates and subject matter of each session, are available on the programme officer’s website at http://www.eastdevon.gov.uk/progofficer

    Proceedings will last for just under one month and in that time the Inspector will hear evidence from the council, community organisations, protest groups and landowners and developers in the district.

    The Inquiry will cover all aspects of the Draft Local Plan, looking at how the council proposes to tackle issues like affordable housing, employment, tourism and retail, climate change and the natural environment. There will also be sessions focusing on each of the seven towns in East Devon.

    The Inspector’s role is to consider whether the council’s Local Plan meets the requirements of the Planning and Compulsory Purchase Act 2004 and associated regulations and whether it is sound in accordance with the guidance in the National Planning Policy Framework.

    To be sound, the plan must be positively prepared; justified; effective and consistent with national policy.

    Councillor Andrew Moulding, deputy leader and strategic development and partnerships, said:

    “Our Local Plan, like many others across the country, has generated considerable interest and debate.

    “We have done our best to capture how people believe East Devon should develop over the coming years whilst aiming to comply with Government policy.

    “Public examination of the plan offers another chance for supporters and objectors to present their cases but this time it will be an entirely independent body listening to those views.

    “The Inquiry is of great importance for the future of East Devon. We look forward to finalising our new planning policy document as soon as we can.”

    Please note the Inspector will not allow filming/photography in the Council Chamber either before or during the sessions.

    Here’s my last submission to the local plan – http://www.claire-wright.org/index.php/post/minority_report_on_eddcs_local_plan