• The beautiful field at risk of disappearing under bricks

    9th March 2013 | News | Claire
  • A lovely backdrop to the village, and where residents enjoy annual ploughing competitions, a developer wants to build 120 houses and some “employment units” on this land, which is also grade 2 agricultural land.

    But this is Feniton.  Not an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty.  Not protected by being designated as “special countryside,” even though it patently IS special.

    In fact, its countryside is barely protected, if at all, in the National Planning Policy Framework.  But this field is an absolute treasure and gives Feniton its rural feel, because after all, it is supposed to be a village in the countryside, despite what developers are trying to turn it into.

    To me, building a housing estate on this productive and beautiful land is sacrilege.  It is also wholly unnecessary as Feniton is allocated only 35 houses until 2026 – because it is a village and not a town.

    Unforrtunately, Feniton already has 50 houses dumped on it at appeal and now almost 300 houses are currently up for consideration as developers continue to circle like hawks.

    The decision on whether to build on the land, known affectionately as “Camp Field” will be made by councillors on the development management committee on Tuesday 2 April

    The Ottery Road lies between the built-up part of Feniton and its surrounding countryside.  …so if Camp Field falls, I fear for many other fields adjacent to it and the rest of East Devon ….

    Photograph:  The annual ploughing competition in Camp Field.

    For more information about Feniton’s battle with developers, see the Feniton Action Group website here – http://theffff.wordpress.com/