• “Success Regime” to report on plans for NHS cuts and change next spring

    10th November 2015 | News | Claire
  • Phil Norrey, board member of the “Success Regime” (and also chief executive of Devon County Council) told the health and wellbeing scrutiny committee that the regime’s board was currently at the stage of analysing the problems, which will continue until Christmas.

    The paper submitted to today’s meeting, emphasised the seriousness of NEW Devon’s Clinical Commissioning Group’s financial problems . It stated:  “If nothing is done, these pressures are likely to result in a financial gap of around £430m by 2019.”

    The plans for cuts and change (for which we are told there are no “red lines”) will be considered from January onwards.  There will be a period of public engagement after the proposals are announced – late spring or early summer, Dr Norrey confirmed.

    Dr Norrey indicated that he was not convinced that health services in Devon were being adequately funded, compared with other areas in the country. He also suggested that any new ways of working may need additional investment.

    Dr Norrey warned councillors that although the plans would be subject to public engagement, they were likely to be implemented swiftly.

    Northern, Eastern and Western Devon CCG is one of just three health trusts in the country which has had the Success Regime imposed upon it. 

    The “Turnaround Team” – drafted in two years ago to do a similar job, was unsuccessful.

    The Success regime’s Board includes representatives from:

    – NEW Devon CCG
    – Northern Devon Healthcare Trust
    – Plymouth Hospitals NHS Trust
    – Royal Devon and Exeter NHS Foundation Trust
    – Devon Partnership NHS Trust
    – Virgin Care
    – Plymouth Community Healthcare
    – Devon County Council
    – Plymouth City Council
    – South Western Ambulance Service NHS Foundation Trust
    – Healthwatch
    – Monitor
    – NHS England
    – Trust Development Authority
    – Public Health England

    The webcast of today’s meeting is below, although there do seem to be some sound problems with this item, which is number 4 on the agenda.