13th September 2018 | News | Claire
  • A Kizomba event takes place this Sunday in Exeter at Queen’s Court Hotel at 4pm (see details below) but there is a real risk that very few men turn up and we women end up either not dancing, or dancing kizomba with each other all night, which is far less fun.

    Sooo, Emma Farrant of Kizomba Beats South West – link here – https://www.facebook.com/KizombaBeats/?fb_dtsg_ag=AdyO7qEi1-xVfinC24MZ77LM1fSR6WU94Oukj9VsVDxi3g%3AAdxJ7PvlQpGVb0eEriR_A1SLsKAfeiOgel2t_CXWJX5V_g –  is asking that us girls each bring NEW men with us!

    You may be new to kizomba (totally beautiful dance) or you might have not danced it for a while, it doesn’t really matter. What matters a bit more is that you do actually have rhythm…. or you might find it a bit difficult!

    You won’t be stuck with me all evening (or anyone else) as we swap around every few minutes, which helps with learning steps.

    Just to sell it a bit more Richard and Manon are great fun and their steps are lovely. After lessons there will be a party (freestyle dancing).

    PS. I can pretty much guarantee there will be lots of lovely ladies to dance with.

    Offers please and come on be brave!

    Here’s a link to one of Richard and Manon’s dance routines – https://www.facebook.com/dsantosdanceuk/videos/vb.1628568280723289/280523202675941/?type=2&theater