• Standards committee meeting deferred again for lobbying report to be prepared

    27th September 2014 | News | Claire
  • An email sent to the standards committee and copied to all councillors states: “You will recall that as a committee you have asked for a report on lobbying to be presented.

    “Unfortunately due to a number of factors, including the Monitoring Officer’s departure and other legal deadlines, it has not been possible to produce the report in time for the 7th and therefore, rather than delaying the item until January, it has been decided to postpone the meeting by a few weeks to allow this report to be prepared.”

    The meeting will now start at 10am on Tuesday 28 October.

    I will post the agenda papers when they are published.

    As a reminder, here’s what it’s all about – http://www.claire-wright.org/index.php/post/but_what_is_lobbying_confusion_breaks_out_over_motion_to_encourage_greater