• Sidmouth blog queries EDDC decision-making committee

    19th October 2012 | News | Claire
  • The all-conservative cabinet took over in 2011 as the key decision-making group, from the previous politically balanced executive committee.

    Sidmouth Independent News has looked into the geographical make-up of the cabinet and has found that most of the councillors come from the east of the district.

    This is very interesting to me because when I was a member of the local development framework panel last year, the conservative group almost doubled the panel in size, following my appointment.  Membership mushroomed from from six members to 11.  All new members of the panel were conservatives, bar one. 

    The justification for packing the panel out with conservatives was to better reflect ‘geographical spread.’

    Clearly this reasoning does not apply to the far more powerful cabinet.

    Read more here: http://sidmouthindependentnews.wordpress.com/