• Sid Valley Tree Surgery’s commitment to oak trees

    6th March 2013 | News | Claire
  • Their website – http://www.sidvalleytreesurgery.co.uk/oak-tree-important-part-english-countryside – states:

    “Here at Sid Valley Tree Surgery, we often get to work on ancient oak trees. For the most part this involves removing dead wood and crown raising, particularly when located near buildings or footpaths.

    “This is where our experience really helps because we can reduce the stress on a tree and extend the life, whilst making it safer for those around it. Knowing what to take off and where can help to preserve the tree safely for many years to come.”

    The Elsdon Lane oaks were fatally and irreversibly damaged before they were felled.

    The wanton destruction of the trees has caused considerable anger in West Hill.

    Photograph:  Tree surgeons from Sid Valley Tree Surgery in the process of felling perfectly healthy oak trees. It is believed that the new landowner wishes to redevelop the site.