• Scrutiny committee recording a success

    27th October 2012 | News | Claire
  • Cllr Ian Thomas has circulated a message to all councillors this evening, confirming that speakers could be heard clearly, with the only ambiguity being identifying precisely who was speaking.

    But Cllr Thomas proposes that this could be overcome by the committee chairman first stating the name of the person that they have called to speak.

    In his message he confirms:  “I envisage that the solution will obviate the need for members of the public to complete their own recordings, through the publication of a full record online soon after the meeting (minor editing only to be required to help simplify access to specific sections of the meeting).

    “This should mean that there will be no value in individual recording, removing any obvious risk of intrusive pressures on our meetings.”

    Cllr Thomas added:  “In addition to the presentation of the report on ‘recording of council meetings’ in November, I am working with officers towards presenting a ‘Social Media Policy’ and guidelines for members to the same meeting.”

    Recording of meetings will be debated and a recommendation to cabinet (the following week) agreed at the next scrutiny committee meeting on Thursday 22 November, starting at 6.30pm.