• Salston Manor bid for 25 apartments

    19th March 2013 | News | Claire
  • The hotel closed several years ago and in 2009 (I believe), there was an application approved to convert the buildings into a care home.  But this never came to fruition and now the owners are applying for residential use instead.

    While I think everyone in Ottery would like to see the old buildings rescued from dereliction there is a sting in the tail with this application.

    Some distance from the town’s built-up area boundary, any approved change of use to residential, could jeopardise the land between the built-up boundary and the old hotel itself, making it vulnerable to housing applications.

    Any response by Ottery Town Council, residents and EDDC needs to carefully consider this issue – and of course – the issue of the dangerous little bend over the humpback bridge on the road back into Ottery.

    Ottery St Mary Town councillors will decide whether or not to support the application at next week’s planning committee meeting on Monday (25 March), starting at 7.30pm.  Residents are welcome to speak for up to three minutes on the application.