• Broadband survey will uncover picture of speeds in rural areas

    22nd February 2012 | News | Claire
  • The aim is to have increased speed of two megabits per second to every community across Devon and Somerset by 2015.

    And to bring superfast speeds of 24 megabits per second to at least 85 per cent of the area by 2015, with 100 per cent coverage by 2020.

    Broadband speeds in the Ottery Rural ward area are patchy and many are grappling with speeds of less than one megabit, with some disconnections.  BT Openreach did some work repairing old cabling in West Hill last year, which did have the effect of securing faster and more reliable speeds for some people.  However, I am still contacted by residents who are unhappy about their slow speeds in the area.  Many people in the ward work from home and it is vital that they have access to reliable broadband speeds, to ensure the viability of their business.

    Local councils have set up a website called Connecting Devon and Somerset with an online survey, in order to find out as many people’s speeds as possible, to help target the work

    Over £30,000.of funding has been secured to boost rural broadband services.

    Visit the website and complete the survey here Devon and Somerset rural broadband survey