• Row between NHS organisations over stroke beds centralising at Ottery

    4th November 2014 | News | Claire
  • Exeter’s MP has waded in and has made his views clear about his wish for stroke services to be based at Whipton Hospital in Exeter, it is reported on Spotlight this evening.

    But Northern Devon Healthcare Trust insists that Ottery is the right place and to reverse the decision would cost thousands of pounds because work has taken place to convert Ottery Hospital to be suitable for stroke patients.

    All agree that in the long term, stroke services should be provided in Exeter.

    I cannot understand why Ottery is having a stroke unit, with all the associated costs at a time of massive financial strain, when the longer term plan (probably within 12 months) is to transfer stroke beds to Exeter.

    Quite unfathomable.

    If you want to view the story it starts at 06.20, on the link below…..