• Rock star Brian May backs my campaign as part of drive for Common Decency!

    6th May 2015 | News | Claire
  • Claire Wright, our local independent candidate, is the type of politician the majority has always wanted to represent them, but almost never get thanks to the party system we have in this country. Parties select candidates that will represent the party, not constituents.

    Competition to become a party candidate is fierce, with only the most ruthless, wealthy or pushy winning selection. Is it any wonder that we then end up with a parliament full of self-serving party yes men (77% of MP’s are men). A parliament full of corruptible, dishonest and greedy individuals who feather their own nests with eye popping pay rises for themselves and rob the tax payer for every day expenses; voting with their party and ignoring us until election time.

    Everything I’ve seen and heard about Claire tells me that she is honest, reliable, hard working and caring. She is running for parliament for all the right reasons, because she is angry about the way ordinary people are treated by our politicians. If we all started voting for the person we want to represent us, instead of just anyone standing for the party we support, we would end up with more politicians like Claire and a House of Commons we could be proud of again.