• Review into how Devon carers are faring delayed yet again

    25th January 2019 | News | Claire
  • My interest in the subject was sparked after reading a report which indicated that many unpaid carers were feeling exhausted, ill and short of money.  Here is the background – http://www.claire-wright.org/index.php/post/scrutiny_review_to_take_place_into_how_devon_carers_are_coping

    After a useful meeting at Westbank, I duly proposed a spotlight review once again into how people who are caring for relatives and friends are managing, at the September meeting. It was agreed this time.

    I have now enquired twice when this review is going to have its first meeting but have had unsatisfactory answers.

    At yesterday’s committee meeting I asked again when the first meeting was going to take place.

    I was told that it wouldn’t take place until at least June as more information was needed.

    I pointed out that this was almost a year after I had proposed the review (actually it is longer as I originally proposed it last April but it was not agreed then).

    But the chair said the information was required before a spotlight review was held.

    This is deeply disappointing and feels as though the issue is being kicked into the long grass.

    I know many carers out there are struggling and to defer this issue is unfair and wrong in my view.

    I will definitely be pursuing this.